Chinese student enrollment up in U.S. elementary and secondary schools

Parents can have many goals regarding their child’s education. For some parents from foreign countries, these goals may include for their child to go to a U.S. school. It appears that having their child receive an American education at a young age is something an increasing number of families from China have been pursuing. According to recent federal statistics, at both the elementary and secondary levels, Chinese student enrollment at U.S. schools has been going sharply up.

According to this data, there were only 500 Chinese students in U.S. elementary schools and 17,914 such students in U.S. secondary schools in 2011. By 2015, the total for elementary schools was up nearly fivefold, to 2,450, while the total for secondary schools had well over doubled, coming in at 46,028.

Reportedly, most young Chinese students attending schools here in the U.S. are at private schools.

It is anticipated that the trend of increased enrollment of young Chinese students at U.S. schools will be continuing in upcoming years. One wonders what the enrollment totals will end up looking like by the end of this decade.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal, “More Chinese Are Sending Younger Children to Schools in U.S.,” Miriam Jordan, Jan. 3, 2017