The immigration system continues to be a massive gray area

Upon first glance, you may think that an article titled “What rights do immigrants in the US have?” would be an enlightening and interesting read, providing answers to the complex questions that often surround the world of immigration law. However, this article, though informative, fails where many before it have: providing clarity on such a complex issue is nearly impossible.

Immigrants do have constitutional rights — may they be legal, undocumented or otherwise, they are guaranteed protections under the 14th Amendment — but, just like most things that involve the immigration debate, the actual application of this is far murkier than it needs to be. In many cases, the application of immigrant rights seems to depend on the day, or the mood of the authorities involved, or just plain old luck.

And when you think about it, that’s a huge problem. No matter what the rules are regarding immigration, they should be applied uniformly, and there shouldn’t be room for interpretation by the authorities to make the situation for someone worse than it is (or could be).

With an upcoming election in 14 months, the topic of immigration will be in the headlines quite a bit. This will, understandably, make many people uneasy about their legal status. What the future holds can’t be known, but what is important for anyone who is trying to enter this country legally to know is that legal help will be absolutely critical in the months and years ahead. Consult with an experienced immigration attorney if you are feeling unsure about your immigration case.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, “What rights do immigrants in the US have?,” Aug. 31, 2015