The many ways that immigration legal action can be appealed

When it comes to immigration decisions and actions, everything can seem permanent. It would be understandable to think that any decision made by a ruling body or any act taken by a ruling body can’t be appealed or changed. Given the serious nature of immigration laws and processes, this myth tends to feed itself. It can even make many people who are trying to deal with the process appropriately reconsider their approach.

However, there are many different ways that someone can appeal certain decisions that are made in relation to immigration. There are also statuses, visas, and other temporary relief that could be obtained that protect people from certain legal action. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a perfect example of this.

A common appeal that is made by people relates to deportation or criminal acts. Many people who are accused of committing a crime can have their immigration status revoked or changed. Also, those who undergo the removal process (i.e. deportation) need to know the potential appeals and litigation that are open to them.

Most people aren’t going to know these things off the top of their head, and so it is imperative that people who are being threatened with immigration legal action consult with an attorney with experience in the field of immigration law.

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