Interview with immigration official must be taken seriously

When it comes to immigration processes and matters, there will likely be an interview scheduled with an official at some point down the line. Almost all immigration process include such an interview, and the interview is performed with an official from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This official is looking for any flaws in your background or history that would preclude you from the legal status that you are looking to obtain.

This is obviously a very important moment for the individual, and it behooves anyone who is scheduled to have this interview to be prepared for what will be thrown at them during the interview. So what should you prepare for? What should you say or do during the interview? And what are some actions to avoid during the interview? 

Let’s take a look at a few of these important factors:

  • Prepare yourself for the meeting by bringing copies of relevant paperwork, and get ready to tell the truth about your personal circumstances.
  • But don’t joke with your interviewer or get into an argument with him (or a fellow family member who may be joining you).
  • Keep calm, show up on time, and dress in a professional or appropriate manner for the interview.
  • Don’t lie or get frustrated with the questions you are being asked. Answer them as honestly and fully as you can.
  • If you need extra help during the interview, you are more than welcome to bring an attorney or an interpreter with you to help you handle the interview.