Compliance with immigration laws as an employer is crucial

Imagine you are an employer and you are opening up some positions to improve your workplace and make your company more efficient. After the resumes come in and a few rounds of interviews are completed, one of the people you are considering hiring is not a US citizen — but he or she has a visa and is allowed to work in the country.

While this isn’t a problem in and of itself, it does present some complications for the employer. They have to be compliant with the visa and with U.S. employment and immigration laws. Being a compliant employer when it comes to employees who are immigrants can be trickier than it may seem.

Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act, employers must make sure that the people they hire are authorized to work, and they have retain evidence that their employees have the right to work. Companies that do not comply with these rules can face significant penalties and fines that could cripple the company, and no one wants that.

Immigration law is inherently a complicated subject that almost always requires a professional to help an individual — or in this case, a company — achieve their goals.

At Ware|Immigration, we can help out companies or employers that are having issues with remaining compliant with immigration law, or if they are trying to get a grip on their employees’ legal statuses. Don’t just ignore the problem — you need to be proactive and consult with us so that the matter can be resolved efficiently and effectively.