Clear the hurdle: prepare yourself for the naturalization test

Imagine going through the naturalization process. The anxiety of the it all would be enough to keep some people from going through with it, but many people are brave enough to get through the naturalization process. There is one hurdle along the way, though, that even the bravest of applicants will lose some sleep over: the citizenship test.

The citizenship test is a crucial part of the naturalization process. It tests the applicant’s knowledge of many aspects of the United States, including the country’s history, legal system and government. 

The test also includes a language section, which gauges an individual’s grasp of the English language. This section is broken down into three parts where reading, writing and speaking English will be tested and evaluated.

Despite the importance of this test, and despite the fact that many people will inevitably be upset if they fail the test, there is a glimmer of hope after a failed test. You can re-take the test in 60-90 days during a new interview. It is during this second test that passing the test is of utmost importance. A failed second test will result in your naturalization application being denied.

Ultimately, you need to study and prepare yourself before taking any of these tests. They are integral to the naturalization process, and those who are better prepared for the test naturally have a better chance to pass the test. If you are running into legal issues with the test, or if you need help in preparation for the test, consult with an attorney.

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