Consult a lawyer when considering permanent residency

Much of the focus on the topic of immigration is pointed at undocumented immigrants who enter the country without proper validation. They do their best to make ends meet, and in many ways, you have to commend them for pushing on with such a hard life. However, there are many other people who enter this country legally, having gone through the immigration process properly and patiently awaited their ultimate decision.

When done properly, a visa can lead to permanent residency here in the United States. For many people from other countries who go through the U.S. immigration process, this is the ultimate goal.

There are so many ways to go about obtaining permanent residency though that it can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know anything about the immigration process. There are labor certification visas; there are “EB” visas, which stands for employment-based; there are other waiver and visa processes that allow for people to enter the country; and of course there is also asylum which can be granted, though it is rare.

Take a look at the wide variety of ways that someone can obtain a visa with the intent of permanent residency, and then consider Ware|Gasparian if you are in need of legal immigration services. We have extensive experience dealing with the many different forms of legal immigration, and we will fight for you as you attempt to legally enter the United States. There could be many complications on the way, and having our legal team by your side will help your case immensely.