Ware Gasparian Volunteers Assist Catholic Charities in Citizenship Mega-Workshop

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans held their first ever Citizenship Mega-Workshop on March 22, 2014 in Metairie, LA.

Our attorney Samantha Hecthman spent the day assisting applicants with their N-400 Naturalization applications. Ms. Hecthman, Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Vincent, Ms. McMellan, and Ms. Beyer served as screeners, translators, and applicant assistants.

“It was such a rewarding day! It was filled with service to the community and fellowship and fun with my colleagues. It was so moving to hear peoples’ stories about how they arrived in the US, what they have been doing, and their journeys to get to the point of their Naturalization applications. I applaud each and every one of the people I met – I cannot wait to do this again next year!” said Ms. Beyer.

Being the first time CCANO provided this service on such a large scale, it was difficult to guess the turnout. There were over 200 people who showed up for assistance with their applications. The day was a huge success, but most importantly, we were able to provide assistance to applicants in the New Orleans metro area.

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