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Trump Ends DACA: What Affected Persons Need to Know

Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump Administration will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which provided two-year renewable employment authorization cards and protection from deportation for 800,000 undocumented youth who came to the U.S. as children. If you are a DACA beneficiary, family member or friend, here’s what you need to know about the end of the program:

· RENEWALS. If you already have DACA, and it expires ON OR BEFORE 03/05/2018, you can still renew your DACA for a two-year period if the renewal is filed before 10/05/2017. Contact a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible to make sure your renewal is filed on time.

· VALID UNTIL EXPIRATION. If you have valid DACA status right now, it will remain valid until its expiration date. See the face of your employment authorization card or the I-795 approval notice to determine the expiration date.

· NOT ACCEPTING NEW DACAs. USCIS will not accept any initial DACA applications filed after 09/05/2017. USCIS will continue to process initial and renewal applications that were pending as of 09/05/2017.

· NO ADVANCE PAROLE. Previously, DACA recipients had been eligible to apply for advance parole, or permission to depart from and return to the U.S. for educational or humanitarian reasons. USCIS will no longer grant advance parole for DACA recipients. In contrast to pending DACA applications, USCIS will not process pending advance parole applications and will be returning any filing fees.

· WHAT YOU CAN DO. In ending the DACA Program, the Trump Administration invited Congress to act to change U.S. immigration law to provide relief for these 800,000 undocumented youth. Many organizations led by immigrant youth who mobilized to fight for the Dream Act over the last 16 years, and then for DACA in 2012, remain mobilized and organized to demand bi-partisan legislation. Call your Congressperson and Senators to tell them you support the Dream Act, and visit and for more information on how you can take action now.

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