Breaking News 02.06.2015

Don’t Miss Out! H-1B Cap Filing Season Begins Soon

The next H-1B work visa filing season begins April 1, 2015 for petitions subject to the visa limitation of 78,200 new cases. There will most certainly be a lottery for the small number of H visas available, as there was last year. U.S.CIS will permit filing during the first five business days of the month: that is, Wednesday, April 1 through Tuesday April 7.

It is vital for employers and their affected employees to get their paperwork to a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible so that they don’t miss this once-a-year chance for the H-1B.

Those not subject to the H-1B quotas do not have to worry about filing during this period. This includes persons previously counted against the quota within the past six years, persons who work for institutions of higher education and affiliated nonprofits, persons who work for nonprofit research or government research organizations, and persons who work on the premises of a quota exempt employer for another entity. Certain physicians, who came to the U.S. for graduate medical training on J visas, are also not subject to the cap, once they receive a waiver of the two year home residence requirement.

Expanded DACA This Month

Beginning February 18, 2015 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will start accepting applications for the expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Employment authorization will be issued for three years instead of two. People who arrived in the U.S. before the age of 16 and have resided continuously in the U.S. since January 1, 2010 may be eligible. There is no longer a maximum age for applicants but DACA applications must meet all other DACA guidelines to be eligible. For more information, see the information page at USCIS.

Elaine Kimbrell Joins Our Firm as Partner

Elaine Kimbrell became Partner of our firm in September, 2014 and she will now be the firm’s Managing Partner. Ms. Kimbrell has been an associate attorney with our firm for over eight years and we are pleased to welcome her to our leadership.

Ms. Kimbrell graduated from the George Washington University in 2000 where she earned her B.A. in International Affairs. She earned her J.D. from Loyola University New Orleans in 2005. She was a member of the Maritime Law Journal and participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. Ms. Kimbrell previously served as a constituent services representative for U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. In this capacity, she assisted constituents with their applications for federal benefits and specialized in immigration cases. She continued her federal service as Senator Landrieu’s projects assistant, focusing on federal funding opportunities for state and local communities.

Ms. Kimbrell’s diverse experience includes working with clients on family-based immigration cases, employment-based immigration matters and non-immigrant visa petitions. She specializes in business visas including H-1Bs, treaty investors and multi-national executives. Ms. Kimbrell is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is currently serving as the Mid-South Chapter Chair. She is also a frequent presenter at the AILA regional conference.

Kathleen Gasparian Departs Our Firm

On February 15, 2015, Kathleen Gasparian will be departing the firm to commence law practice on her own. Ms. Gasparian has been the Managing Partner of our firm for over two years and we wish her well in her future endeavors. Those of you who have cases with our firm will not be impacted by the departure, as we will continue to provide the same friendly and efficient service as always. As a result of Ms. Gasparian’s departure, you will notice a change in our firm name, letterhead, and correspondence to Ware|Immigration. These changes will not affect your case or cause any delay or interruption in our service.

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