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Is Louisiana state law different than federal US immigration law?

Most people already know that there are federal laws governing the immigration process in the United States. However, states also enforce their own laws on a variety of matters, including requirements for employment, driver's licenses and more. For certain matters, immigrants should be sure to adhere to Louisiana state law. However, when state law may seem at odds with federal immigration law, federal law typically controls.

New US immigration law policy involves expedited removal

Expedited removal is a process by which an immigrant without documentation of proper legal status can be detained and removed from the country without a hearing. In the past, the expedited removal was relatively limited. A new policy for U.S. immigration law expands how agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- ICE -- can apply the policy both in Louisiana and the rest of the United States.

Dealing with ICE: Rights under US immigration law

Any encounter -- even one that seems to go well -- with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents can be extremely distressing for immigrants in Louisiana. Some ICE agents may try and act as if they have the authority to engage in a wide range of behaviors, even those that are not necessarily in line with U.S. immigration law. It is important for people to understand their rights when dealing with these government representatives.

How to avoid fraudulent US immigration services

From applying for visas to appealing orders of removal, submitting any type of document or application can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. U.S. immigration law is an understandably confusing matter to deal with, and it can be easy to make mistakes. It can be tempting to try out methods that seem too good to be true, but this usually causes more problems than anything else and could even constitute fraud. Here are a couple things that immigrants living in Louisiana should do their best to avoid.

Protections against deportation in US immigration law

Securing a visa to travel to or live in the United States is an incredible opportunity, and immigrants who choose to spend their time in Louisiana often enjoy everything the state has to offer. However, having a visa does not necessarily protect an individual from deportation. For people who want to be certain that they have the full rights of U.S. residency, here are some important highlights from U.S. immigration law.

US immigration law: What is an extreme hardship waiver?

It is possible for some undocumented immigrants who have been living in Louisiana to become legal residents. This is sometimes accomplished by voluntarily leaving the United States and then serving a reentry ban for a period of 10 years. Not everyone can safely or realistically leave the country for 10 years, though. An extreme hardship waiver can possibly help immigrants in this situation.

US immigration law gets much-needed technology update

No matter how well a person plans out the future, he or she can almost certainly count on change. For some immigrants in Louisiana, this means wanting to stay in the United States for longer than they are officially authorized. Individuals who are in this situation have options for staying in the country while also complying with U.S. immigration law.

Social media now an important part of US immigration law

Social media is widely used and embraced by people from all walks of life and backgrounds. People use their social media accounts to post pictures of their kids, share details of their latest vacation and to connect with friends and family members. A lot of people even think of social media as unimportant, so what they do on it might not even matter. A recent update to U.S. immigration law could change how people in Louisiana view their social media usage.

Judge says ICE agents can't make arrests in immigration interview

Immigrants across Louisiana may feel worried about appearing for hearings or speaking with certain officials out of fear that they might be arrested. These fears are understandable, particularly as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been making more arrests outside of courthouses. However, a federal judge recently ruled that ICE agents were wrong when they arrested a man during an immigration interview.

Overstaying visa is a common occurrence in immigration

Undocumented immigrants who are living in Louisiana have to deal with a myriad of fears everyday. However, not all of these immigrants are individuals who crossed the border without the proper documentation. In the United States, individuals overstaying their visas far outpaces other forms of undocumented immigration. People in this situation might feel invisible and without any options for making the United States their legal home, but some may have more options than they realize.