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Government shutdown impacts immigration hearings

Last year's government shutdown has affected many different areas, including the field of immigration. Over 37,000 immigration hearings have been delayed by months or even years leaving many immigrants feeling anxious. About 70% of immigration hearings were put on hold. Unfortunately, many of these hearings have been delayed to later this year and some will be pushed well in to 2015.

Immigrants winning more deportation cases

Many illegal immigrants in the United States face a fear of being deported despite their contributions to the country. Fortunately, many of them are able to avoid deportation through available actions. This has proven to benefit immigrants in Louisiana and all across the nation.

New GOP immigration plan may mean changes for illegal immigrants

A new immigration plan is in the works that could affect the lives of illegal immigrants in Louisiana. In a few days, House Republicans will consider a proposal that may put many undocumented immigrants in this country on the path to citizenship. Republicans will go on a three-day retreat to discuss the new proposal. Speaker of the House, Jim Boehner, will issue a list of immigration principles to follow, including a narrow path to citizenship, new visas for foreign workers and tighter security at the border.

President Obama focuses on immigration reform

Louisiana immigrants who have yet to become citizens may be unable or unwilling to do so due to the complicated citizenship process. The estimated 11 million immigrants that live in the United States illegally deal with an ongoing fear of deportation. Fortunately for them, President Obama has taken steps to help protect non-citizens in this country. The President is using his executive powers to enact change in US immigration law while immigration reform has been put on hold in Congress.