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Executive order in limbo after judge rejects White House's wishes

As many of you probably know, the White House has been pushing for immigration reform for quite a long time, and it seemed that a recent move by President Obama would have a tremendous impact on the world of immigration law. Obama was looking to protect millions of undocumented immigrants in this country by issuing an executive order. However, this order did not go over so well in the state of Texas.

Improved US-Cuba relations impacts immigration

As many people in Louisiana have heard, the United States has cooled tensions with Cuba to the point that there seems to be an actual relationship between the two countries. However, there is a very interesting dynamic to this story that has very real implications on immigration of Cuban people to the United States -- and it isn't what you would think.

Unique immigration applicants, and the processes they deal with

As we've talked about before on this blog, the immigration process is complex and it can cause many people to feel anxious about their application. But what about people who are academic professionals, or professors, or people of extraordinary talent or intellect? Are these people subjected to the same processes?

What's the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee?

We've talked about asylum before, and many people have heard of the phrase. Asylum is a crucial part of immigration law. However, many people have also heard of a refugee, or someone seeking refuge in another country. "Isn't that just someone seeking asylum?," you may ask yourself. What's the difference between these two ideas, and how do they pertain to United States immigration law?

Obama announces sweeping immigration reform with executive order

As many people have heard, President Barack Obama recently made an executive order that will overhaul U.S. immigration law for the time being. It promises numerous positive outcomes for people who are in the United States without legal status, and it could lead to some truly great changes to our country's immigration laws in the future.

Population projections show importance of immigration

A very interesting article by a New York Times writer provides a theory for how nations should adapt in the coming decades to population growth. It is in response to a new study that found that, unlike previous studies on the same topic, the population of the Earth isn't peaking. In fact, the study projects that by 2100, it is conceivable that we will have 12.3 billion on the planet (the current population is 7.2 billion).

The complex application process for war translators is outrageous

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" has become a wildly popular show, a half-hour program that looks at very serious issues with a very comedic eye. The most recent episode of "Last Week Tonight" did a lengthy examination of the immigration process that translators for American soldiers in the Middle East have to go through.

New bill may assist in Louisiana immigration reform

Illegal immigration and border control issues have become a major issue in the United States with the influx of unaccompanied children from Central America, who risk their lives for a chance to come to America. Two bipartisan lawmakers plan to introduce a border bill that will hopefully have a positive impact on US Immigration Law.

President Obama plans to take action on immigration reform

When Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, informed President Obama that the House would not vote on immigration legislation this year, Obama vowed to use his executive power to push change along. US Immigration law reform has been at a standstill ever since the House refused to pass a bill that the Senate passed a year ago. Obama plans to use his Presidential power to make sure certain elements of his agenda are carried out, even if he is criticized by Republicans for his use of this power.