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International student enrollment in Louisiana

A wide range of different types of students may have a goal of studying at a school here in Louisiana. This includes students from foreign countries. Now, for foreign students, there are some added steps they generally have to navigate to achieve such a goal. This includes the steps related to pursuing the appropriate immigration approvals to study in the United States. Foreign students who desire to study at a Louisiana school can go to skilled immigration lawyers for help with immigration matters related to their education goals.

Many American Nobel Prize winners are immigrants

The contributions that immigrants make to American life, culture and society are numerous. Among the many things immigrants have come to play a big role in here in the U.S. is scientific research and development. This can be seen in statistics on immigrant Nobel Prize winners in America.

When E-2 visa holders desire permanent residency

One type of visa that has become increasingly common here in the U.S. in recent years is the E-2 visa. This is the “treaty investor” visa. It is available to individuals from countries that are treaty partners to the U.S. who invest in a U.S. business (with that investment having to meet certain requirements).

Natural disasters can raise special immigration issues

Significant natural disasters, like the flooding that Louisiana has recently seen, can have major impacts on all those in the affected area. It can have some special impacts though for those in the area who are in the U.S. on a green card or a non-immigrant visa.

Increased federal oversight of international student programs

The laws and regulations here in the U.S. regarding international students are numerous and complicated. These include the immigration and visa rules that apply to international students. When a foreign student runs into problems or issues when trying to navigate these regulations in their efforts to get or maintain a student visa and international student status, they should consider discussing the issues/problems with an immigration attorney skilled and knowledgeable in U.S. student visa law.

What is the pass rate for the U.S. naturalization test?

One of the things the quest for citizenship will generally involve for individuals going through the naturalization process here in the U.S. is taking the naturalization test. There are two components of this test, a civics component and an English component.

Number of Cubans coming to U.S. up significantly in recent years

Immigrants to the U.S. come from all over the world. Now, the pace of immigration to the U.S. from different countries can change quite a bit over time. One country that the U.S. has seen a particularly high number of immigrants from in recent years is Cuba.