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When a person’s goals change during a U.S. visit

There are many different goals people who come to the U.S. on a nonimmigrant visa may have for their visit. Sometimes, these goals might change over time. For example, a person who came to the U.S. for tourism might, over the course of their visit, decide they would like to study or work in the United States. When a nonimmigrant visa holder wishes to change what their visit to the U.S. is aimed towards, it can be important for them to understand if the change would raise any immigration issues.

New interpreter policy implemented for USCIS interviews

Interviews with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are a part of many different immigration matters. Such interviews have a lot of different policies and rules that apply to them. What rules and policies are likely to be particularly important ones when it comes to an upcoming interview for a person seeking immigration benefits depends on the specifics of their situation.

When can immigration petitions be expedited?

It can take a lot of time for a U.S. immigration matter to be resolved. When a foreign national files a petition for a visa, green card or other immigration benefit here in the U.S., there are many steps that can be involved in the consideration of the petition. These steps can have various wait periods, processing time and delays associated with them.

Chinese investors moving away from the EB-5 program?

The EB-5 program is one of the paths to U.S. permanent residency available to foreign investors. This green card program has proven popular among certain types of investors, including investors from China. It is estimated that Chinese citizens make up around 90 percent of EB-5 applicants.

Cuban citizens have the top refusal rate for U.S. B visas

One of the more common visas here in the U.S. are B visas. These visas cover temporary stays in the U.S. by business and tourist visitors. There are a range of different tourist or business goals a foreign national seeking a B visa may have. Sometimes, complicated issues or situations arise in connection to B visas that could impact such an individual's chances of being able to achieve their goals.

What age are most resident nonimmigrants?

Among the ways foreign nationals who are nonimmigrants vary is in the nature of their temporary stay in the United States. Some just make brief travels to America. Others reside in the U.S. in a relatively grounded way during their stay. Individuals in this latter group are sometimes called resident nonimmigrants.

Chinese student enrollment up in U.S. elementary and secondary schools

Parents can have many goals regarding their child’s education. For some parents from foreign countries, these goals may include for their child to go to a U.S. school. It appears that having their child receive an American education at a young age is something an increasing number of families from China have been pursuing. According to recent federal statistics, at both the elementary and secondary levels, Chinese student enrollment at U.S. schools has been going sharply up.

What are the most common nonimmigrant I-94 admissions to the U.S.?

The reasons a person from a foreign country could be coming to the U.S. temporarily can vary greatly. Some examples include reasons related to employment, business, pleasure, travel, school or family. So, there are many different types of nonimmigrant (temporary) admissions here in America.

International student enrollment in Louisiana

A wide range of different types of students may have a goal of studying at a school here in Louisiana. This includes students from foreign countries. Now, for foreign students, there are some added steps they generally have to navigate to achieve such a goal. This includes the steps related to pursuing the appropriate immigration approvals to study in the United States. Foreign students who desire to study at a Louisiana school can go to skilled immigration lawyers for help with immigration matters related to their education goals.

Many American Nobel Prize winners are immigrants

The contributions that immigrants make to American life, culture and society are numerous. Among the many things immigrants have come to play a big role in here in the U.S. is scientific research and development. This can be seen in statistics on immigrant Nobel Prize winners in America.