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Immigration reform may up the cost for citizenship applications

President Obama has been in the news lately for attempting to fix this country's ongoing immigration issues. Applying for citizenship in the United States has always been a challenge, but the latest immigration proposals may lead to even more complications.

Supreme Court may help youths dropped from family visas

Young illegal immigrants in this country face a unique set of challenges when it comes to getting U.S. citizenship. Family immigration can involve many complicated issues. For one college student, turning 21 at the wrong time could mean uncertainty for her future.

President Obama focuses on immigration reform

Louisiana immigrants who have yet to become citizens may be unable or unwilling to do so due to the complicated citizenship process. The estimated 11 million immigrants that live in the United States illegally deal with an ongoing fear of deportation. Fortunately for them, President Obama has taken steps to help protect non-citizens in this country. The President is using his executive powers to enact change in US immigration law while immigration reform has been put on hold in Congress.

Poll finds deportation is main concern among immigrants

Many undocumented immigrants who reside in Louisiana struggle to get their affairs in order because there often is no clear path to citizenship. Part of the problem is that many people are allowed to live, study, or work in the U.S. for a set period of time, but their futures remain unclear. Many live under a constant threat of deportation, amidst much confusion about temporary and permanent immigration options.

The need for comprehensive immigration reform

There were 214,700 homes damaged in the New Orleans area during Hurricane Katrina.  It is said that one quarter of the reconstruction workforce following this storm in the New Orleans area was conducted by undocumented immigrants.  These individuals assisted thousands of homeowners in the area under less than ideal circumstances.