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What are the most common birth countries of U.S. green card holders?

Individuals seeking U.S. green cards vary greatly in their circumstances. There are a wide range of different reasons why a person may desire to be a permanent resident of America. Individuals can also differ in what processes are available to them to seek out a green card. Additionally, green card seekers vary in what countries they are from. 

How long is a green card valid?

Receiving a green card doesn't mean a person is completely done with immigration law issues regarding U.S. permanent residency. For one, criminal issues or long absences from the country can threaten one's green card status. Another reason is that a green card doesn't last forever. Rather, green cards have expiration dates.

The importance of the rights of a permanent resident

Permanent residency is a crucial status for many people who legally entered the United States, but weren't born in the U.S. A permanent resident is considered as such when they reside in the U.S. under a legally recognized status -- and this is usually under the merits of a green card.

Options galore when it comes to permanent residency

Permanent residency sounds like a difficult status to obtain, with only a few -- at best -- options for those who want to legally achieve a permanent move to the U.S. However, this is not the case. While the process isn't necessarily an easy one, there are many different ways that someone can earn permanent residency. Let's look at a few of the ways that someone can achieve this treasured status.

When you get a green card, what rights do you immediately obtain?

Many people who immigrated to this country are seeking permanent residency, a prized status that grants the individual many rights, freedoms, and opportunities that they wouldn't have otherwise. To earn permanent residency, a person needs to acquire a green card, and there are strict eligibility requirements for this. But once you do obtain a green card, what rights do you have? Why is the green card such a sought after document?