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Nonprofit aims to ease path to citizenship

For green card holders in the United States, one of the questions they regularly ask themselves is, "What's next?" The answer can feel overwhelming. Seeking citizenship is a long process that often appears too big of a hurdle to pass for some Louisiana immigrants, but one group is hoping to change this outlook. A nonprofit is now offering grants for those seeking naturalization.

Birthright citizenship denied to son of lesbian couple

Ordinarily, there would be no question about it. When one of the spouses in a married couple is a U.S. citizen, their legal children are birthright citizens. The U.S. government, however, has denied that the legal child of a U.S. citizen is a birthright citizen, essentially because the parents are a lesbian couple.

When can the government revoke your naturalized citizenship?

Citizenship in the U.S. is priceless. People all around the world overcome enormous obstacles to obtain it. Once granted, citizenship is permanent and cannot be revoked for subsequent misdeeds.

Federal judge orders DACA program reinstated into law

When President Trump chose to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program last year, his legal team claimed that the administration needed to end the program. It was under threat of legal challenges brought by ten states, they said. A federal judge has just ruled that reasoning was in error.

DHS chief: Citizenship on the table in current DACA negotiations

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said recently that the Trump administration may support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. President Trump had previously said that he did not support citizenship as an option. Secretary Nielsen emphasized that no decision has yet been made -- and that building a border wall remains the administration's top priority.

Trends in naturalization

Some immigrants here in the U.S. eventually decide to take the big step of seeking out U.S. citizenship. If they meet the qualification requirements, a green card holder can pursue U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process.

MLS player recently granted U.S. citizenship

There are many key steps and processes involved in applying for U.S. citizenship. What a person originally from another country does in regards to these things can have major impacts on how their efforts to receive such citizenship go. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals seeking U.S. citizenship on the issues at hand and their options throughout the various parts of the naturalization process.

Spouses of deceased U.S. citizen military members and citizenship

It is a sad reality that some of the brave members of the U.S. armed forces end up losing their lives during their military service. The time following such a loss can be very hard on a deceased military member's family, such as their spouse. When the deceased’s spouse is from another country, the spouse may have additional worries/concerns on top of those normally associated with losing a loved one. Among these are worries about their U.S. immigration situation.