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The limitations of H-4 visas for children of H-1B workers

When a foreign national comes to the U.S. to work in a specialty occupation on an H-1B work visa, they may bring certain family members with them. Under U.S. immigration law, certain relatives of such workers can qualify for legal immigration status through a special kind of visa. This visa is called an H-4 visa. Among the individuals that can qualify for such a visa are children of H-1B workers, if they are under the age of 21.

Hurricanes sometimes drive migration

The recent strikes of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma here in the U.S. demonstrate the great amount of devastation that major weather events can cause. When such weather events strike in other countries, individuals from those countries may seek ways to escape the devastation left in the storm’s wake. Some might desire to get their life off to a fresh start in another country, such as the United States.

Can L-1 visa workers bring their spouse with them to the U.S.?

L-1 visas allow a foreign national to come to work in the U.S. as part of an intercompany transfer at the company they work for. They are a type of nonimmigrant (temporary) work visa. Among the things individuals who are coming to America, such as here in Louisiana, to work under an L-1 visa may wonder is whether their spouse would be able to join them.

Report points to children of immigrants as a major source of science talent in the U.S.

What immigration status a person has here in the U.S. can have many impacts. This includes impacts on what immigration options are available for their family. So, how a person from a foreign country addresses U.S. immigration matters that arise for them could not only have long-term ramifications for them, but for their family as well. Immigration lawyers can provide immigrants with guidance on family-related concerns they have in regards to immigration matters.

The family immigration impacts of becoming a U.S. citizen

Going from being a permanent resident of the U.S. to an American citizen is a very big and impactful step. It changes all sorts of things for person. One area in which becoming a U.S. citizen can have significant implications for a person from a foreign country is family immigration. This is because family immigration rules differ between U.S. citizens and green card holders.

Family members of treaty traders

One of the reasons a person may want temporary admission to the U.S. is to engage in international trade. One type of temporary visa such an individual might be eligible for is an E-1 visa. As a note, classification as an E-1 treaty trader is only available to individuals from certain countries, and there are a variety of requirements beyond just the nation-of-origin requirements a person has to meet to receive this classification.

New special family immigration program to soon start in U.S.

There are many different types of relatives that a U.S. permanent resident or a U.S. citizen with foreign relatives may wish to have come live with them in America. Also, there are all different kinds of circumstances that can be present when it comes to such families. So, the range of different kinds of family immigration matters that can come up is extensive indeed.

What is a K-1 visa?

Getting married involves all sorts of preparations. There are certain things that can add even further to the preparations a person needs to make for a marriage. One is if the person they are to going to marry is from another country and doesn't currently live in the United States.