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Can tech companies influence employment immigration?

The Louisiana workforce is made up of all kinds of different men and women, and many foreign workers take on vital roles that help support economic progression. Tech companies in particular understand just how important it is to have the best person for the job, and while some of those workers come from America, many also come from other countries. With new employment immigration policies impacting the ability to hire foreign workers, some tech companies are advocating for changes.

New USCIS fees make employment immigration more expensive

Applying for a visa means more than just submitting the required documents -- it also means paying a fee. These fees can be a hurdle for some people, or businesses, in Louisiana. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services -- USCIS -- recently announced a new rule for fees associated with employment immigration, citizenship and higher education.

Employment immigration: Changes to asylum rules

Every year, many people want to immigrate to the United States to change their lives for the better. That can mean many different things, but some come feeling persecution in their home country, either by their government or from an entity that their government cannot protect them from. They are often granted asylum or temporary protected status here in Louisiana. In the past, there were certain restrictions in place set by the Department of Homeland Security pertaining to employment for asylum-seekers. Recently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a change that should help those applications, and supporters are hopeful it will help everyone involved in employment immigration.

Temporary employment immigration ban extended through 2020

Successfully getting a green card is a fairly long process. It is common for people to spend months waiting to hear back about their applications. This can be especially frustrating for immigrants who have secured a job in Louisiana and hope to start working soon. An extension on a temporary employment immigration ban will extend this wait even more.

Employment immigration -- women fired for hospital visit

The Louisiana economy thrives when both domestic and foreign workers are active members of the workforce. But while these workers are all necessary, they are not always treated the same. Those who are in the United States because of employment immigration sometimes face significant hurdles when they need help the most. For example, two women who were working at a crawfish farm on H-2B visas were fired after they sought medical care.

Employment immigration -- hockey coach's petition denied

Sports teams only succeed when they have athletes and coaches who have the right skills, experience and dedication. Many teams in the United States -- especially those that compete at an international level -- rely on the talent of both citizens as well as foreign nationals. Unfortunately, bringing in coaches and players from other countries can be difficult sometimes. Louisiana hockey fans might even know that one team recently filed suit against the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, claiming that it wrongfully denied a coach's EB-1 visa. In employment immigration, EB-1 visas are used for those with extraordinary abilities.

Employment immigration: Securing a temporary work visa

Louisiana is a great place to live, and foreign nationals have several different options for making that happen. One way is through employment immigration, which gives immigrants the opportunity to work in the United States. Temporary work visas are fairly common in employment immigration and can be used both by highly skilled workers as well as those with more menial skills.

Wage concerns among H-1B workers

Working in Louisiana with an H-1B visa has many benefits, including guaranteed pay even during non-productive periods. This means that H-1B workers will not miss out on pay if they are furloughed or if their employer has to temporarily close. However, there are ways in which an employer might be able to legally reduce wages in these types of situations.

More H-2B visas available for employment immigration

Seasonal workers are an essential part of the United States' workforce, and immigrants fill many of the seasonal positions in Louisiana. These seasonal workers come to this country on H-2B visas, although getting one is not always easy. However, the Department of Homeland Security is raising the number of available visas, making employment immigration more widely available for workers who fill seasonal positions.

New H-1B visa rules may limit employment immigration

Filling specialty occupation jobs is not always easy, especially since they usually require very specific qualifications. Employment immigration helps employers hire the most qualified candidates even if they are living outside of the United States. There are many individuals living in Louisiana who originally came to America to work in specialty occupations. But the process they used to get their visas will soon be much harder.