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Immigration work visas may allow for spouses to get jobs

Immigrants to relocate to the United States often seek to remain in the nation with their family members who traveled with them to the country or who later joined them. In order to accomplish this, immigrants seek to obtain employment. Because some immigrants are unable to enter the country through the proper legal channels, this could make it difficult to obtain or maintain a job. Even if the proper paperwork is filled out, it could still be challenging to work in the field of expertise the immigrant has due to competition.

Increase in employment visas a good thing for Louisiana?

The number of foreign workers coming to the United States for employment immigration seems to be on the rise and it looks like this number will only go up as the years go by. Each year, companies send in applications for H-1B visas with the hope of employing these highly qualified foreign workers. Citizenship and Immigration Services has reported that over 170,000 applications have been sent in this year, but only 85,000 were accepted.

Don't Miss Out! Last Chance to File H-1Bs

If you need to file new H-1Bs this week is your last chance. The next H-1B work visa filing season begins April 1, 2014 for petitions subject to the visa limitation of 78,200 new cases. There will most certainly be a lottery for the small number of H visas available, as there was last year. In all likelihood, USCIS will permit filing during the first five business days of the month, that is, Tuesday, April 1 through Monday April 7.

How to work in the United States legally

Many people who are not citizens of the United States seek to obtain Work Visas or a Green Card to be able to work and live in the United States legally. Employment immigration can be challenging, but it is worth it to get the benefits of living in the U.S. Each year, 140,000 permanent work visas are available from the U.S. government. There are also temporary work visas available, but those are much harder to come by. Those who plan to come to Louisiana or any other U.S. state should be aware of the steps they will have to take in order to do so.

Undocumented immigrant to receive license to practice law

Louisiana residents may have heard that a state supreme court ruled unanimously today that an undocumented Mexican immigrant may become a licensed lawyer. The case has gained national attention as federal law holds that immigrants who do not have legal status in the U.S. may not obtain professional licenses in the absence of a state government override.