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The effects of quotas on the H-1B program

An employer who desires to place a skilled foreign worker in a position here in the U.S. is may sometimes file an H-1B status petition for the worker. This is a temporary status which allows foreign workers in certain specialty occupations to come into the United States. Our H-1B FAQ page contains a discussion of what "specialty occupation" means when it comes to this visa program.

New employment immigration pilot program launches

One of the steps of the petitioning process for employers who are seeking an employment visa for a worker they desire to have work in their U.S. operations is for immigration officials to review the employer's eligibility to petition for foreign workers. As with many steps of the employment immigration process, this step has a lot of paperwork requirements.

Fee increase for certain U.S. work visa petitions

One of the things trying to hire a foreign worker for a position here in the U.S. generally involves for an employer is petitioning for a visa for the worker. This petitioning process has many requirements attached to it, and following the applicable requirements is vital for employers. Experienced immigration lawyers can give companies looking to hire foreign workers information on what specific requirements they will have to meet in relation to U.S. visa petitions for the workers in question.

Can you self-petition for an employment-based green card?

When a person desires a U.S. green card, their options for seeking one vary based on their situation. Some individuals are able to self-petition for a green card. Others can only seek a green card through being sponsored by someone else. 

Congress considering bill on H-2B worker visas

When a business wants to bring a worker from another country into the U.S. temporarily for a job, a visa is generally required. There are multiple types of work-related visas here in America. There are numerous factors which can impact which type of visa would be most appropriate for a given employee. 

Some questions and answers in regards to the H-1B visa

One of the most common types of skilled worker visas that a non-immigrant person can attain when they legally enter the United States is the H-1B visa. As such, people have plenty of questions about this important visa. The H-1B visa is directly related to employment and having a specific skill in a specialized area.

On E visas, and what they mean for companies and professionals

There are many, many different types of visas out there, and these visas encapsulate the many different scenarios and circumstances that can arise when someone is trying to alter their legal status (or a company is trying to alter the legal status of one of its employees). In this regard, E visas are a very important aspect of the immigration system, especially for business professionals and their companies.

People of tremendous talent, and how companies can retain them

Immigration is an issue that doesn't only affect individuals, though that is (understandably) where most of the focus is placed. There are many organizations and companies out there that need to be compliant with immigration regulations, as they strize to keep their prized employees and hire new ones. And for those employees, they need to be very aware of how the rules apply to them, in addition to knowing what processes they have to follow to ensure their ability to remain in the country.