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Employment immigration can be a long waiting game

It can feel like a lot of time passes between submitting a green card application and receiving a decision. For a person pursuing employment immigration from one of two countries, that feeling can be very accurate, especially when it takes years before he or she can even apply for a green card. Although lawmakers recently tried to change the system that puts nationals of certain countries at a disadvantage, they were unable to do so.

Is employment immigration the right choice for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs from across the globe are ready to bring their innovations and business ideas to the United States. However, finding the correct path to doing so can be tricky. While some choose to first pursue employment immigration, there are other options that might give entrepreneurs more time to focus on their personal business ventures.

Employment immigration tricky for international students

Summer break is usually the perfect opportunity for college students to work a part time job and earn a little extra cash. This situation is a little trickier for international students who are studying at Louisiana universities. Similar to other forms of employment immigration, students must apply for separate visas in order to work during school breaks. A recent delay in these applications is leaving some of these students without the opportunity to work.

Is the H-1B the only employment immigration option?

Working in the United States on an H-1B visa is an ideal situation for many people. Unfortunately, because of the limited number of H-1B visas that are available, many applicants are denied. Being denied for this type of visa does not mean it is the end of the road for individuals wanting to come to Louisiana through employment immigration, though. Here are a couple of options to consider.

Should employment immigration be easier? Some say yes

Living and working in Louisiana is an exciting prospect for immigrants. However, securing the right visa for employment immigration can be a complicated matter. This is especially true when dealing like things with the H-1B program, which offers an extremely limited number of visas per year.

There are many options for employment immigration

Living and working in Louisiana might seem like just a dream, but it can be a reality. Employment immigration is a popular way for some workers to come to the United States. However, there is no one-size-fits-all visa that covers all of employment-based immigration. Here are a few options that may apply to various situations.

Employment immigration -- how the H-1B visa is changing

Want to work in the United States? Individuals who hold advanced degrees from institutions in the United States will likely have a leg up when applying for the H-1B visa program. The shifting focus toward individuals with more advanced degrees could change current trends in employment immigration, potentially affecting those who are hoping to travel to Louisiana for work in a specialty occupation.

Employment immigration for businesses

Immigrants are an integral part of the Louisiana economy. Many businesses rely on these workers to fill specific roles within their companies. Without immigrants, some companies would simply not be able to continue operations. Employment immigration may be an ideal option for getting the right people here, but it can be a complicated matter. 

Is employment immigration right for you?

Employment-based immigration is a popular choice for many people hoping to make the United States their permanent home. Although Louisiana is almost certainly always in need of skilled workers, there are a limited number of spaces for this process. Nationwide, only 140,000 people can utilize employment immigration every year, which may leave you understandably worried about your options. 

DHS moves to end international entrepreneur rule

In 2017, an immigration rule was created to allow international entrepreneurs to live and work in the U.S. for up to five years in order to create start-up businesses. Now, that rule appears to be on its way out. The "international entrepreneur rule" was created during the Obama administration but was set to go into effect during the Trump administration. Last year, however, the Department of Homeland Security put the rule on hold while indicating it planned to rescind the rule and prevent the program from going into effect.