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May 2020 Archives

Sponsoring children with family immigration

Family means everything to a lot of people in Louisiana, and living without loved ones nearby might be unimaginable. However, living apart from relatives is just another part of everyday life for many immigrants. This is especially tough for parents who are separated from their children. Parents do have options under family immigration, though, and can petition for their children to come to the United States.

US immigration law -- Can I file for unemployment?

Losing a job can be devastating, especially for people who are hard workers and proud of their jobs. But things may be a little more complicated for certain groups of people like immigrants who are working in Louisiana and worried about running afoul of U.S. immigration law. Immigrants who are legally living all across the country are worried about what filing for unemployment means for their future in the United States.

US citizenship out of reach for some immigrant service members

There are many active duty men and women assigned to one of several military bases in Louisiana. But contrary to what some might believe about the United States Armed Forces, not all of the people serving are U.S. citizens. Immigrants can not only serve in the military, but their service can also set them on a path toward citizenship. Unfortunately, some service members say that the Department of Defense is restricting -- and even blocking -- that path.

Employment immigration: Securing a temporary work visa

Louisiana is a great place to live, and foreign nationals have several different options for making that happen. One way is through employment immigration, which gives immigrants the opportunity to work in the United States. Temporary work visas are fairly common in employment immigration and can be used both by highly skilled workers as well as those with more menial skills.