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April 2020 Archives

A pause on US permanent residency

Some foreign nationals who have been waiting for green cards in their home countries will now have to wait a little bit longer. This is frustrating, as securing U.S. permanent residency is already a long process. It can also be frustrating for citizens living in Louisiana who sponsored their family members. Here is what people should know about the current situation involving an executive order that affects those who are waiting for their green cards in their home countries.

Reasons for grounds of inadmissibility

There are a lot of reasons why you might have been denied entry to the United States. Understanding why an immigration official decided you were inadmissible is important for fighting the decision. If you are still hoping to live in Louisiana one day, here are some common grounds of inadmissibility and information about waivers.

Wage concerns among H-1B workers

Working in Louisiana with an H-1B visa has many benefits, including guaranteed pay even during non-productive periods. This means that H-1B workers will not miss out on pay if they are furloughed or if their employer has to temporarily close. However, there are ways in which an employer might be able to legally reduce wages in these types of situations.

More H-2B visas available for employment immigration

Seasonal workers are an essential part of the United States' workforce, and immigrants fill many of the seasonal positions in Louisiana. These seasonal workers come to this country on H-2B visas, although getting one is not always easy. However, the Department of Homeland Security is raising the number of available visas, making employment immigration more widely available for workers who fill seasonal positions.