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January 2020 Archives

How to lose US permanent residency

Getting a green card is usually the last step before an immigrant can apply for citizenship. Although someone's end goal might be to become a citizen, achieving U.S. permanent residency is a very significant step. However, the term permanent resident can be misleading. Being granted this status does not necessarily guarantee that immigrants in Louisiana cannot be removed from the country.

New H-1B visa rules may limit employment immigration

Filling specialty occupation jobs is not always easy, especially since they usually require very specific qualifications. Employment immigration helps employers hire the most qualified candidates even if they are living outside of the United States. There are many individuals living in Louisiana who originally came to America to work in specialty occupations. But the process they used to get their visas will soon be much harder.

Many Liberians can apply for US Permanent Residency

There are a lot of different ways to immigrate to the United States, but not all of them give people the opportunity to apply for citizenship one day. A new rule will make it much easier for one group of immigrants to get on that path. Liberians who have temporary legal status can now apply for U.S. permanent residency.