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December 2019 Archives

How to spot fraudulent US immigration law services

Navigating through the United States immigration system can be very confusing. Even though a lot of people talk about U.S. immigration law as if it is just one big process, there are many applications, visas and processes that are unique to different situations. It is understandable that some people in Louisiana might need a bit of guidance when dealing with immigration issues. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent services that are eager to take advantage of people.

U.S. immigration law: Fake court dates are making asylum harder

It is very important for immigrants living in Louisiana to show up for court dates. Immigrants who are seeking and who have already received asylum are usually very responsible and make every effort to be at the correct place on the correct date. But many people who have already been granted asylum under U.S. immigration law are dealing with the same problem -- they are showing up for court dates that never existed in the first place.

Increased fees are coming to US immigration law

Applying for things like visas and green cards is not always easy. For some people in Louisiana, the hardest part is finding the money for the application fees. Although some fees are relatively small, others can be much more expensive. A proposed change to U.S. immigration law could make some of those fees even higher than before.

H-1B employment immigration visa faces new challenges

Louisiana companies rely on both domestic and foreign workers to fill available positions and complete their workforces. Immigrants bring a lot to the table in terms of specialized skills and play an important role in the economy. But increased scrutiny on employment immigration could make an already long process more difficult.