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November 2019 Archives

Policy change should make family immigration easier

Bringing loved ones to the United States is one benefit of being either a citizen or permanent resident. Family immigration is important for reuniting loved ones, especially spouses who are not able to live in the same country. While sponsoring a spouse's immigration to Louisiana has worked pretty well in the past, it might be much easier moving forward.

Former immigration officer struggling with U.S. immigration law

Undocumented immigrants who were brought to Louisiana as children have to deal with many different barriers throughout their lives. There are not many options under U.S. immigration law for these people, even though many do not remember ever living anywhere else. The situation can be even more complicated for people who do not find out they are undocumented until adulthood.

Proposed US immigration law would help agricultural workers

Growing enough food to feed everyone in America is a challenge. Farmers have to plant the right amount of crops, water them correctly and protect their hard work from pests. These are very physical tasks, and the people who help grow and harvest food have to work very hard each and every day. The farming industry in Louisiana and across the rest of America rely on undocumented immigrants to take on these jobs. A proposed change to U.S. immigration law could give undocumented farm workers a better opportunity to gain legal status.

How can I use family immigration for my loved one?

Living near family is very important to a lot of people, but it is not always easy. United States citizens or green card holders might miss their loved ones who live in different countries. With family immigration, it is possible to help a family member establish permanent residency in Louisiana.

US immigration law: Will new initiative include asylum seekers?

The federal government is reportedly planning to launch a new initiative that may affect Louisiana residents who have immigrant family members. U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes, so it is difficult to stay updated on new laws, policies and initiatives, even if one is well-versed in immigration issues. The new regulation would require people who are detained after entering the United States between official points of entry to submit DNA samples. It is meant to apply to anyone who enters the country without proper immigration documentation.