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October 2019 Archives

Employment immigration for university and college teachers

Louisiana colleges and universities are almost always on the hunt for exceptional teachers. When these institutions are unable to find candidates in the United States who are qualified for these positions, they frequently turn to applicants who are foreign nationals. If you were hired to fill one of these positions, your employer will need to submit a permanent labor certification application. Since there are strict deadlines for employment immigration applications, you should understand the timeline that the university or college must work within.

African immigrants doing well despite US immigration law barriers

The news is doing a pretty good job of painting a grim picture when it comes to immigration. Some people in Louisiana might think that everyone hoping to come to the United States is facing unimaginable barriers. Even though U.S. immigration law can be complicated, this is not true. For example, immigrants from Africa are now the fastest growing population of immigrants.

Change to US immigration law requires health care coverage

The cost of health care in the United States can be quite steep. Even with insurance, many patients struggle to pay both monthly premiums and medical bills from seeing the doctor. Still, most people can receive excellent care across the country. A recent change to U.S. immigration law could make some of that care inaccessible by barring certain individuals from obtaining visas or even entering the country.

Employment immigration can be a long waiting game

It can feel like a lot of time passes between submitting a green card application and receiving a decision. For a person pursuing employment immigration from one of two countries, that feeling can be very accurate, especially when it takes years before he or she can even apply for a green card. Although lawmakers recently tried to change the system that puts nationals of certain countries at a disadvantage, they were unable to do so.