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December 2018 Archives

US immigration law changes could negatively impact Iran

Louisiana readers know that immigration is a hot topic right now, and potential new changes could make it even more complex. New proposed legislation could pass sometime soon, which could negatively some people waiting to get green cards. Skilled laborers applying for green cards from Iran could be more negatively impacted by this potential new U.S. immigration law than those from other countries.

Employment immigration -- how the H-1B visa is changing

Want to work in the United States? Individuals who hold advanced degrees from institutions in the United States will likely have a leg up when applying for the H-1B visa program. The shifting focus toward individuals with more advanced degrees could change current trends in employment immigration, potentially affecting those who are hoping to travel to Louisiana for work in a specialty occupation.

US immigration law: Do I need a visa to visit Louisiana?

From delicious food to historical sites, Louisiana has a lot to offer for those planning to visit. While visiting the state from another country might seem quite alluring, the prospect of securing the necessary visas to do so can feel overwhelming. However, under U.S. immigration law, certain individuals may travel to the United States without a visa.

Family immigration: What should I do to bring my spouse to the US

After falling in love and getting engaged, Louisiana couples usually spend significant amounts of time focused on planning the perfect wedding before jetting off to a relaxing honeymoon. However, for U.S. citizens who recently married a foreign national, the focus is usually on obtaining the necessary visa. In terms of family immigration, the process of bringing a spouse to live in the United States is relatively straightforward.