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August 2018 Archives

Who can appeal a visa denial under US immigration law?

Applying for a visa is a lengthy process. The wait may feel worth it in the long run for those who successfully obtain their visas to come to Louisiana, but what about hopeful immigrants whose applications are denied? Appeals are an integral part of U.S. immigration law that can give people a second chance at coming to America. 

Employment immigration for businesses

Immigrants are an integral part of the Louisiana economy. Many businesses rely on these workers to fill specific roles within their companies. Without immigrants, some companies would simply not be able to continue operations. Employment immigration may be an ideal option for getting the right people here, but it can be a complicated matter. 

US government to give $10 million in citizenship grants

Becoming a citizen is a monumental achievement for Louisiana immigrants. However, it is not always an easy path, and many find they are met with unexpected hurdles. The U.S. government recently announced that it will spend as much as $10 million to make the process a little smoother for immigrants hoping to obtain citizenship.

Will a citizenship question appear on the next census?

The 2020 U.S. census is set to ask respondents whether they are citizens. This move has many people in Louisiana worried, with some wondering if their responses could jeopardize their status in the country. However, activists are fighting back against the citizenship question, with at least one federal lawsuit moving forward.