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February 2017 Archives

What age are most resident nonimmigrants?

Among the ways foreign nationals who are nonimmigrants vary is in the nature of their temporary stay in the United States. Some just make brief travels to America. Others reside in the U.S. in a relatively grounded way during their stay. Individuals in this latter group are sometimes called resident nonimmigrants.

Foreign doctors and practicing medicine in the U.S.

Among the professionals from other countries that sometimes come to the U.S. to practice their profession are doctors. Immigrant physicians can be a real asset to medical care here in the United States. A recent study suggests that such physicians might even have slightly lower patient mortality levels than their U.S.-schooled counterparts.

The academic degree branch of the EB-2 program

The EB-2 green card program is aimed at three different classes of foreign nationals seeking to work in the United States. These three classes are: individuals with “exceptional ability”, individuals that fall under a national interest waiver and individuals with an advanced degree. What particular requirements a person seeking an EB-2 green card would have to meet to be eligible for such a green card depends on which of these three branches they are trying to qualify under.