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January 2017 Archives

MLS player recently granted U.S. citizenship

There are many key steps and processes involved in applying for U.S. citizenship. What a person originally from another country does in regards to these things can have major impacts on how their efforts to receive such citizenship go. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals seeking U.S. citizenship on the issues at hand and their options throughout the various parts of the naturalization process.

International students and working in the U.S. after graduating

When a person is nearing the completion of a college or graduate degree, one of the big concerns they may have is whether they will be able to find the right job after they are done with school. Finding employment after getting one’s degree can prove challenging for any student. For foreign students who study here in the U.S. and wish to work in the U.S., however, there can be additional challenges on top of those faced by other students. 

Changes made to national interest waiver test for EB-2 visas

There are many things U.S. immigration officials may look at when considering a given immigration request. For one, they may apply certain tests, as tests have been set out for some types of immigration matters. Understanding what tests immigration officials might use when it comes to their immigration case can be very important for foreign workers looking to work in the U.S. and the companies looking to hire them.

Chinese student enrollment up in U.S. elementary and secondary schools

Parents can have many goals regarding their child’s education. For some parents from foreign countries, these goals may include for their child to go to a U.S. school. It appears that having their child receive an American education at a young age is something an increasing number of families from China have been pursuing. According to recent federal statistics, at both the elementary and secondary levels, Chinese student enrollment at U.S. schools has been going sharply up.

‘Returning workers’ no longer exempt from H-2B cap

Many different things can have a big impact on employers who are trying to get a work visa for a foreign worker they desire to employ here in the United States. Among these are the cap rules related to the visa they are trying to secure for such a worker. Different work visas have different cap rules, including differing rules on what sort of cap (if any) is present and what workers are exempt from the cap.