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October 2016 Archives

Many American Nobel Prize winners are immigrants

The contributions that immigrants make to American life, culture and society are numerous. Among the many things immigrants have come to play a big role in here in the U.S. is scientific research and development. This can be seen in statistics on immigrant Nobel Prize winners in America.

When E-2 visa holders desire permanent residency

One type of visa that has become increasingly common here in the U.S. in recent years is the E-2 visa. This is the “treaty investor” visa. It is available to individuals from countries that are treaty partners to the U.S. who invest in a U.S. business (with that investment having to meet certain requirements).

Family members of treaty traders

One of the reasons a person may want temporary admission to the U.S. is to engage in international trade. One type of temporary visa such an individual might be eligible for is an E-1 visa. As a note, classification as an E-1 treaty trader is only available to individuals from certain countries, and there are a variety of requirements beyond just the nation-of-origin requirements a person has to meet to receive this classification.