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September 2016 Archives

What is the most common employment-based green card?

The five employment-based green card categories here in the U.S. vary from each other in many different ways. One is in their eligibility requirements. So, when a person is pursuing permanent resident status in the U.S. in connection to employment, what issues will be the big ones in their immigration case is heavily impacted by which type of employment-based green card they are pursuing. Experienced immigration lawyers can assist such individuals with the issues particular to the employment-based category they are seeking permanent resident status under.

U.S. will have thousands of new citizens over Constitution Week

We are in the midst of a week celebrating one of America’s most important documents, the Constitution. Constitution Week started last Friday and will continue on to this Friday. This document and the principles and framework it lays out have major impacts on the lives of all Americans, including new citizens.