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Trends in naturalization

Some immigrants here in the U.S. eventually decide to take the big step of seeking out U.S. citizenship. If they meet the qualification requirements, a green card holder can pursue U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process.

MLS player recently granted U.S. citizenship

There are many key steps and processes involved in applying for U.S. citizenship. What a person originally from another country does in regards to these things can have major impacts on how their efforts to receive such citizenship go. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals seeking U.S. citizenship on the issues at hand and their options throughout the various parts of the naturalization process.

Spouses of deceased U.S. citizen military members and citizenship

It is a sad reality that some of the brave members of the U.S. armed forces end up losing their lives during their military service. The time following such a loss can be very hard on a deceased military member's family, such as their spouse. When the deceased’s spouse is from another country, the spouse may have additional worries/concerns on top of those normally associated with losing a loved one. Among these are worries about their U.S. immigration situation.

U.S. will have thousands of new citizens over Constitution Week

We are in the midst of a week celebrating one of America’s most important documents, the Constitution. Constitution Week started last Friday and will continue on to this Friday. This document and the principles and framework it lays out have major impacts on the lives of all Americans, including new citizens.

U.S. naturalization regulation has changed greatly over the years

For over 200 years, naturalization has been regulated by federal law here in America. Of course, what U.S naturalization regulation looks like has shifted significantly over the course of these two-plus centuries. This can be seen in a recent Public Radio International article which went over some of the big shifts in U.S. naturalization eligibility rules that have occurred over the years.

When a naturalization application isn't granted

One of the big parts of the process of applying for U.S. citizenship is the naturalization interview and the tests connected to it. After the interview and the tests are completed, a significant moment comes about. That moment is the government issuing a decision on the individual's naturalization application.

Naturalizing when married to a U.S. citizen spouse

There are many requirements that a U.S. permanent resident who wishes to become a U.S. citizen has to meet in order to qualify for the naturalization process. In a past post, we discussed some of the general requirements for becoming an American citizen. As a note, there are certain U.S. permanent residents who can qualify for a different set of naturalization criteria than the general set. One such type of permanent residents are permanent residents who are married to U.S. citizens.