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Form related to the adjustment of status process updated

Sometimes, foreign individuals already in the country on a different immigrant status desire to become a permanent resident of the United States. Such individuals may be able to pursue a green card through the adjustment of status process. One thing that can be critical when navigating this process is avoiding missteps. Missteps could further complicate the process and potentially reduce the chances of the process reaching the end-result the applicant desires.

Diversity visa lottery not open to natives of all countries

One of the ways a person can end up getting a U.S. green card is through the diversity lottery. This lottery is part of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Under this program, up to 50,000 immigrant visas (visas connected to the permanent residency process) a year are issued to randomly selected diversity lottery entrants.

What could put your green card in danger?

Having a U.S. green card allows a person to live in the United States. Being granted such permanent resident status also gives a person a range of other rights, as we noted in a prior post. These rights are something an immigrant may cherish greatly and have worked incredibly hard to get. So, keeping their permanent resident status and the rights connected to it is something that may be among the highest priorities for a green card holder.

Labor certification required for some, but not all, EB statuses

Here in the U.S., there are multiple types of employment-based permanent resident statuses an immigrant could be granted. The five general types are EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 and EB-5, with each of these general categories covering different types of workers.

2015 saw large number of EB-5 applications

The demand for different types of U.S. immigration visas can vary over time. One type of visa which has seen a big spike in demand in recent years are EB-5 visas. The EB-5 program is a program in which foreign investors can have the opportunity to obtain U.S. permanent residency through making certain types of investments. 

What are the most common birth countries of U.S. green card holders?

Individuals seeking U.S. green cards vary greatly in their circumstances. There are a wide range of different reasons why a person may desire to be a permanent resident of America. Individuals can also differ in what processes are available to them to seek out a green card. Additionally, green card seekers vary in what countries they are from.